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September 20, 2007


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Kay Peltier

I have been praying for the women in third world countries daily for years. I am donating to your ministry because it is personally being applied. Please tell these women that the christian women of America pray for them daily.

Sylvia Kowalczyk

Congratulations on your story at CNN! My heart is with you all! I am unable to contribute in buying those beautiful shawls however I would like to donate my talents in illustrating ( I am an aspiring book illustrator)any textbooks you would use to text the Afghan women. This may include coloring pages for children.My heart goes out to you all and I would like to contribute in helping!

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    These shawls were hand made by our Project participants in Kabul, Afghanistan. Each shawl is one of a kind made of wool and cashmere. Many more may be purchased on our web site www.afghanhands.org. Each purchase is 100% tax-deductible. All proceeds go to the Project.

Project participants

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    Meet the women behind the shawls.